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Regular Account

  • Standard currency-earning
  • 1 Gil for logging in each day
  • 1 Moogle Medal per 2000 discussion messages in most forums
  • Can purchase profile banner usage in the Shop
  • Can purchase the ability to change your username in the Shop
  • Can purchase message perks in the Shop
  • Can purchase thread perks in the Shop
  • Standard Shop rates
  • ...plus more, and more to come.

Premier Account

per month
  • +15% Gil for many currency-earning actions
  • 3 Gil for logging in each day
  • 2 Moogle Medals per month, plus 1 Moogle Medal per 1000 discussion messages in most forums
  • Upload profile banners
  • Change your username!
  • Perks for own messages anywhere! (unlimited editing time, bypass flood control, upload audio and video, manage messages in own profile)
  • Perks for own threads! (change title, delete, manage tags)
  • 10% Shop discount (on Gil-currency items)
  • ...plus more, and more to come!
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