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{Contest!} In the Beginning


version 1.7
Jan 23, 2021
Hello and welcome to the community! We wanted to kick off our first contest right so that's why it's happening just now!

So how's this working? Great question. You receive points based on participation in the community! Activity will mostly come from your threads and posts in most areas. See below for more info!
  • 2 pts. for every post and 4 pts. for every thread started in the Square & Co. areas.
  • 1 pt. for every post and 2 pts. for every thread started in all other forums and areas. This excludes 7th Heaven and the Recruitment Center! No points are gained in either area.
  • 25 pts. for every successful referral to the community! A successful referral is counted once the newly referred reaches a minimum of 50 posts or threads in counted forums and areas.
"That's great Monty, but I have questions." Oh good! Let's address the obvious ones.
  • "What is the timeframe of this contest?" March 29 through June 29 of this year.
  • "Tell me about the prizes!" Have a look below! (6th - 10th places receive participation prize of 1000 Gil and 5 Moogle Medals)
    1. Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2*, with 10000 Gil and 50 Moogle Medals
    2. Final Fantasy XVI or Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2*, with 8000 Gil and 40 Moogle Medals
    3. $50 Amazon gift card, with 6000 Gil and 30 Moogle Medals
    4. $35 Amazon gift card, with 4000 Gil and 20 Moogle Medals
    5. $20 Amazon gift card, with 2000 Gil and 10 Moogle Medals
* Info on when winner receives game(s) depends on their respective release dates!

Let's keep it clean and fun everyone! :D
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